Kaligo - The primary pupils handwriting notebook

The primary pupils
handwriting notebook

Co-created with teachers

Discover Kaligo, the educational application made for teaching cursive and script handwriting without tears!
Enhance your teaching methods thanks to our innovative approach using automatic analysis of your child's work to promote self-awareness and independent learning.
Kaligo is ready for your first year children and will soon be available for children in their second and third year, children with learning difficulties, and language learning children. This industry moves at the speed of light, to keep up without latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and join our newsletter.

Kaligo at school

Kaligo is an application made for tablets with stylus, to accompany children between the ages of 3 to 7 learning to perfect fine motor movements and handwriting. Seven exercises are ready for you to try in the "First Steps" version.

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  • Handwriting

  • Preschool
    to Primary children

  • 5 years of Research
    and Development

  • Supported by
    the Minister of
    National Education

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